Family Ski in Bulgaria – Borovets

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Borovetz located on the Rila mountain, 72 km from the Bulgarian capital Sofia. It could be ideal for a weekend ski and great for beginners and people who are looking for a cheap ski holiday. It has night-skiing, snowboard and cross – country skiing tracks with beautiful high wood trees. There are ski runs for beginners, for intermediates and great ski schools for kids. However it might be boring for experts and those who prefer the Alpes.


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Beer and food prices are cheap if you compare to other resorts, also the Bulgarian kitchen reminds very much the Russian food, like; Blini (Pancakes), Potatoes, they have a large selection of nice soups. However in some restaurants the quality of the food was disappointing. Try to go by recommendations only.
We loved – the Salamander Restaurant ! Its such a small, friendly and a nice place with food like at home. And they agreed to change parts in the menu personally just for us.

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